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Best in PrintA man, a ball, a hoop, a bench (and an alleged thread)… TELLER!
How a small but beautiful trick illuminates the mind of a master magician read article
Best in PrintLaughs, yes. Big deals, no.
Now, when we need laughter more than ever, what role does a comedy festival play? read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionStopping power, love, roasted pig
When a Weekly reporter hits a gun show and a gay-rights rally in a single day it’s like a lesson in American history unfolding in ... more
The IntersectionThe 1 percent solution
Nevada is lucky enough to have a renewable energy standard that mandates that 20 percent of our energy must be met by renewables by 2015. ... more
The Intersection(Nervous) letters from home
I never intended to adopt an airman. And now I was pondering what sort of airman I wanted. Were there women airmen? more
The IntersectionElaine Wynn, embracing change
What was the secret weapon that won over Elaine Wynn? Michelle. The wife. Elaine Wynn was so impressed that she found herself bucking her entire ... more
Tiny Little Rant: Two in one weekend?
Call us cliche lovers, but we always thought that security at casinos was higher than Fort Knox. more
The Help Desk
Las Vegas-area bus fares to increase in January. Hey, when you ride with psychotics, screaming babies and those who don’t believe in deodorant, you’ve got ... more


NightlifeI kissed a girl
“Twas the night before Kissmas and things just got freaky …” The emcee calls the room to attention and reads from the invitation to Merry ... more
NightlifeGet your cups in a row—this week it’s all about the booze!
The most important reality-show competition of all is currently underway—the search for America’s top bartender. Sponsored by Absolut Vodka, On the Rocks appropriately chose our ... more
NightlifeCannery’s got it upstairs
Breathtaking views, gorgeous design elements … and it’s nowhere near Las Vegas Boulevard. Or anything like it, for that matter, which is exactly why One ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentGame over
Las Vegas’ already fragile all-ages scene has suffered what could be a shattering blow: the closing of teen music hub Jillian’s. more
Arts and EntertainmentPins and needles
When The Tinglerz leave the Bunkhouse stage Saturday night, drummer Joe Perv seems very much in need of some Ritalin. He plays the drums like ... more
Arts and EntertainmentVicki Van Tassel as Tanya in “Mamma Mia!”
A former New York City stand-up comic, Tassel says the toughest part of her current gig is “keeping from tearing up my costumes.” more
Arts and EntertainmentDo you believe in magic?
Family entertainment? Oh, come on! Who wants to see that? This is Vegas, for crying out loud! more
Arts and EntertainmentWon over by sparkly things
I cried at the Liberace Museum today. It was the story of Liberace’s final performance at Radio City Music Hall that did it. more
Arts and EntertainmentShe’s like meatloaf
My problem with an exquisitely served, subtly haunting mango chutney sauce is my problem with a long-legged, stiletto-heeled, viper-souled beauty. They both look great and ... more
Arts and EntertainmentVeeps: Profiles in Insignificance
America’s big win on November 4 may turn out to be a loss for comedic vice-presidential historians, an admittedly small subset of the electorate, which ... more
Arts and EntertainmentRoad to nowhere
Erin Hogan joined the increasing ranks of cognoscenti making the fashionable driving tour of the greatest hits in the earthworks movement, and produced a slender ... more
Arts and EntertainmentPuttin’ on “The Ritz”
Long before Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, playwright Terrence McNally was celebrating gay life as positive and affirming, not tragic, with something to teach ... more
Arts and EntertainmentGlampire weekend
Robert Pattinson, the young English star of the new movie Twilight, plays Edward Cullen, an ageless blood-sucking hottie with the creamy pallor of a slightly ... more
Arts and EntertainmentR.I.P. TRL
MTV managed to pack Times Square one more time this past Sunday for the last episode of TRL, dubbed Total Finale Live, although nostalgia was ... more
Arts and EntertainmentDray, his art head for Atlanta
For those who keep an eye on the arts district, Dray’s departure—for Atlanta—changes the metabolism of the scene a little. more


ScreenFangst(1 comment)
Twilight is all about a perverse kind of wish-fulfillment: Average teenager Bella Swan falls madly in love with perfect, ageless vampire Edward Cullen, who sweeps ... more
Hollywood canine Bolt (voiced by Travolta) doesn’t realize that he’s not really the superpowered dog he plays on a popular TV show. more
ScreenThe Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Two children in World War II Germany embark on a friendship, each envying the other’s mysterious life behind the electrified fence. Bruno believes the camp ... more
ScreenIn search of Charlie Kaufman
I feel compelled to issue a Critic General’s Warning: Unremitting bleakness may result in viewer tedium, and futile attempts to follow this film’s maddeningly recursive ... more

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East meets best
TasteI’ve been to Yellowtail twice now, and both times the place seemed to be firing on all cylinders. Chef Akira Back, a personable sort, is comfortable in the fusion genre, and many of these creations are tasty and original.




CD Cover Beyonce
Beyoncé’s new double album supposedly represents two sides of her personality. Seems to be that Beyoncé’s two personas are in conflict. Maybe she should try being herself.
CD Cover Hinder
Thanks to their dreadful, inescapable power ballad “Lips of an Angel,” Hinder have been lumped in with the grim post-grunge likes of Nickelback, Puddle of Mudd and 3 Doors Down.
CD Cover Dido
There’s a very good reason why Dido’s third album—and first studio effort in five years—sounds so cinematic: noted movie-score composer/Fiona Apple collaborator Jon Brion.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Nov 20, 2008
by Xania Woodman

The Capital Grille $1,000 Luxury Martini

What could be better than a martini and caviar? Nothing! Especially when the caviar in question is a limited-edition White Topaz and Diamond Caviar rope bracelet, served up with a ...