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Best in PrintTen years that shook the world!*
*Well, our world, anyway. So permit us a few minutes of celebration. Hey, it tastes better than ... read article
Best in Print24 hours in Las Vegas
We picked a random day—December 4. From midnight to midnight, we sent someone somewhere every hour, just ... read article
My letters editor, my friend
Chuck Nowlen’s favorite memory of his time holding the reins at Weekly? Letters Editor Buck Buffalo, the ... read article
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The Intersection

The IntersectionThe beat goes on
Music torture, one of the War on Terror’s most enduring hits, made headlines again last week. Apparently there is no Army-wide playlist or programming strategy ... more


Getting Misty-eyed
Celebrating its five-year staff reunion juuuust in time before turning six, the itty-bitty 1,500-square-foot Mist Lounge is bustling as usual, with drinks being briskly served, ... more
NightlifeVelvet Lion arrives with a roar
In this business of skin, the past few years have seen more changes than a dancer can shake her silicone at. more
Have a (matzo) ball!
Anyone with even a quarter Jewish heritage or with any environmentally-absorbed Jewish culture in them knows the true meaning of Christmas Eve for the Jewish ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentDrawn to the human form
It’s just like riding a bike,” the art instructor tells me when I voice my apprehension. I can hear loud pants and moans coming from ... more
Playlist: A jazzy Xmas
This Christmas, play more jazz. more
Arts and EntertainmentHallmark cards
The 10 of spades sports a tribal mask. The king of clubs reveals not twins but enemies, a Native American warrior folding into an army ... more
Arts and EntertainmentA Restless farewell
The Restless dance party has been put to bed. A staple at the Beauty Bar every second Friday of the month, Restless took its final ... more
Arts and EntertainmentChristoper Kenney as Edie in Zumanity
Who would have guessed—Kenney rarely gets recognized on the street. more
Arts and EntertainmentNext-wave comparison
Tonight’s Beauty Bar show has been marketed as a kind of Thursday-night new-wave twin bill. On one hand, the audience can hear Close to Modern, ... more
Arts and EntertainmentNow we’re talkin’!
As if on cue for the holiday season, the Valley just got the best present ever: the Las Vegas Art Museum’s LA Now. more
Arts and EntertainmentFlexible methodology
David Pagel’s December 11 lecture, timed in conjunction with the opening of LA Now—his newly minted curatorial effort at the Las Vegas Art Museum—was everything ... more
Arts and EntertainmentClassic Nutcracker—with a difference
The Nutcracker is much like It’s a Wonderful Life. You watch it every year, and every year it’s the same, but just a bit different. more
Arts and EntertainmentDesert sanctuary
It can be easy to let the Goldwell Open Air Museum slip out of mind, seeing as how it’s near Rhyolite, which is near Beatty, ... more


ScreenIt’s not you, it’s us
Slumdog Millionaire arrives in local theaters riding a veritable tsunami of audience goodwill, to say nothing of its status as the current frontrunner for Best ... more
ScreenSeven Pounds(4 comments)
Relentlessly tugging on your heartstrings like a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, Seven Pounds is manipulative treacle of the worst kind. more
ScreenYes Man
Yes Man is far from a great movie, but it represents the first time that Jim Carrey has been likeable onscreen in years, following his ... more
ScreenThe Tale of Despereaux
Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Dor, soup attracted tourists from all over, and friendly rats scampered about the streets. more

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The raw truth
TasteIt seems nearly impossible to imagine a Las Vegas without sushi restaurants. They barely existed here in the city’s formative years, but they’re now so prevalent that the biggest challenge isn’t where to find one, but which one to choose.
Who’s washing dishes now?
TasteAfter putting together a Las Vegan-free fourth season, Bravo’s casting team came to its senses, choosing local boy Gene Villiatora for reality cooking competition Top Chef.




CD Cover Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy is still a scrappy live rock band, but its studio confections are now pure pop ear candy. That was evident on 2007’s glossy Infinity on High, and ...
CD Cover Desertscraped: New Noise From the Neon Wilderness
A noble attempt to document Las Vegas’ generally ignored experimental scene, this 13-track compilation succumbs more to logistics than to its oddball sound array. Curated by local writer Jarret Keene, ...
CD Cover Common
Rare is the album so wretched it makes me consider another line of work, but Common’s Universal Mind Control comes close.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Dec 18, 2008
by Xania Woodman

Snow Day

Everything tastes better when it's homemade, especially around the holidays. Last week, mixologist Niles Peacock showed the Weekly how he makes his famous Madagascar Vanilla Bean Cello (like Limoncello only ...