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June 3-June 9
Best in PrintGR8PL8T
There are two things Nevadans love—customized license plates, and the attention they draw read article
Best in PrintThe most unpopular guy in the room (but we like him)
State Senator Bob Coffin has made a career out of taking positions others won’t read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionHis own worst enemy
Comedian Paul Rodriguez talks smack about the Trop and his own show, it’s no joke. more
The IntersectionChicken skin won’t do it
Shoving cold cuts under Lindsay Lohan’s booze-detecting ankle anklet won’t trick the system. more
The IntersectionThe incredibly exciting actual Facebook status updates of actual Tea Party of Nevada candidate for Senate Scott Ashjian
We didn’t add a single exclamation point to this thing. more
The Intersection5 Things We’re Thinking About This Week
Coffee, DUIs and Gary Coleman. more
The IntersectionBallot to the head
Voters! Who put those people in charge? more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
A little exhaust never hurt anyone… more


NightlifeSeamless transition
A disco nap, a few Red Bulls and trip to strip club that gives Stephanie deja vu. more
NightlifeMemorial Day blowout
Deanna Rilling’s wild weekend—with an extra dose of Pauly D. more
NightlifeSpare change for beer
Todd English P.U.B.’s Nickel Beer Night serves Pabst at the right price. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentScene mainstays The Day After call it a night
The Day After overcame everything during its decade on the Vegas scene. Until now. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe party’s over
The once-a-month underground electro-house party known as Say What?! is saying farewell. more
Crosby, Stills & Nash performs June 4 more
Arts and EntertainmentThe best in burlesque
It’s funny, madcap, sexy, acrobatic, country, western, disco, classical, bebop, vaudevillian and circus-like. more
Arts and EntertainmentFirst fest
For June’s First Friday, the arts district welcomes the inaugural 18b Music Festival. more
Arts and EntertainmentFiguratively speaking
Trifecta gallery owner Marty Walsh wants you to discover the artists of tomorrow. more
Arts and EntertainmentTransforming environments
Two new exhibits detail change from different perspectives. more


ScreenToo much of a good thing
It is disappointing to see a character or actor go so quickly from pleasant surprise to unwelcome annoyance. more
Meet a baby with a tail ending in a giant stinger. more
ScreenPersons Unknown
Lost is to heroin what Persons Unknown is to Pixy Stix. more
ScreenA strange little indie movie house
The Giordano Theatre has a number of unique qualities in the strange boutique theater tucked away on the second floor of the Las Vegas Hilton’s showroom. more

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Steady Society
TasteOne of “Esquire’s” best new restaurants in the country, Society Cafe is consistently satisfying.




CD Cover The Rolling Stones
Scott Dickensheets never gave Exile on Main St. another thought. Until now.
CD Cover The Cure
Ask anyone Cure-aware—eyelined zealot, curious sampler, persnickety critic—for the Brits’ finest hour and you’ll overwhelmingly get one response: Disintegration
CD Cover Iggy and the Stooges
When Iggy and the Stooges unleashed Raw Power in 1973, they cast the mold for a little something called punk rock.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week May 26, 2010
by Sarah Feldberg

Meet your new (Champagne) Beau

We’re well aware that, like books and covers, you’re not supposed to judge the booze by the bottle. But they make the bottles so damn cool these days … Take, ...