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December 2-December 8
Best in PrintThe people behind the pot
They’re old, young, Republicans, Democrats, patients and providers. The message they share? This is about treating pain, ... read article
Best in PrintGated communities don’t make us safer. So why do we buy into it?
Rick Lax lives in a gated community. That might sound prestigious, but it isn’t. read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionMoving the Gift of Lights: a bright idea?
The irony of driving through a steady sea of city streetlights and past the raging blink of Strip and Downtown casinos to visit the Gift ... more
The IntersectionLacing up to tie the knot at the Rock ’n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon
Imagine the entire Strip shutting down for your wedding. more
The IntersectionFact-checking CityCenter
Here we separate the promises made, kept and broken. more
The IntersectionWelcome to Wayne Newton’s world
Once I was parked outside Casa de Shenandoah and a peacock sprouted at the top of the gold leaf-patterned gate. more
The IntersectionCosmopolitan: a fitting bookend
Here we go, heading once again into yet another December casino-resort opening on the Strip. more
The IntersectionCriss Angel lends his name to a magic kit, but who’s teaching the tricks?
Move aside, Mysto. Fall in line, Fantasma. There’s a new mass-marketed magic set in town. more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Submitted by Dan Haslam more
The IntersectionThinking about five-diamond resorts and underwater homes
Also, we think you should check out the Left of Center Gallery. more
The IntersectionHow do you feel about regifting?
Whatta YOU think? The Weekly wants to know. more
Dream Zone: ‘everything is so blurry’
“… I am trying to drive down the road …” more


NightlifeInfuse your holiday party with seasonal cocktails that hit the spot
’Tis the season to get snockered. Check out these recipes for your next shindig. more
NightlifeHot Spots: BFFs! DJ Irene, big-deal birthdays and sweet ‘staches
Bubbles, bling, balls, BFFs and a bit of moustache… more
NightlifeNightlife news & notes: Christmas with Coolio, La Cave, save your spare change
Michael Morton’s newest venue opens at the Wynn, Hussong’s figure-friendly cocktail and more. more
NightlifeTales from the SINdustry: Party blackout with DJ Michael Toast
What happens when the dance floor goes dark? more
NightlifeBooze and Benatar at Vegas’ longest-running drag show
Life’s a drag at FreeZone! more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentA ‘Minumental’ debut at the Arts Factory
Among the 26 artists featured in the Minumental Invitational is Weekly staff writer Kristen Peterson, debuting her pipe-cleaner works of art. more
Arts and EntertainmentPhoto exhibit explores Manhattan’s Hotel Chelsea
The Hotel Chelsea has sheltered creatives of all kinds for more than a century. Steven F. Dansky explores this artists’ refuge in his latest exhibit, ... more
Arts and EntertainmentQ&A: Ian Hultquist, Passion Pit keyboardist/guitarist
Ian Hultquist talks about Hooters, Wilco and the majority of the band’s aversion to country music. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe Double Down celebrates the only way it knows how
Yep, it was pretty much just like any other night at the happiest place on Earth. more
The great shushing smackdown
Then something crazy happens. Something I’d never experienced at a symphonic performance. more
Arts and Entertainment30-second metalhead review
He’s known as Metal McLovin, and if you’ve ever been to a metal show in Las Vegas you’ve probably seen him. more
Arts and EntertainmentWhat to do, watch and eat this week
This week we’ve got cops delivering donuts, running Santas and advice on beating people up. more
Arts and EntertainmentCENTERpiece Gallery’s ‘Size & Scale’ is perfect for the holidays
While a bit uneven, the selection of mostly three-dimensional works gives a tasty little sampling of some seriously heavy hitters. more
Arts and EntertainmentSeeing ‘The Wall’ is believing in its frightful awesomeness
The onetime Pink Floyd leader’s performance was such a spectacle for the eyes, it was easy to forget our ears were being treating. more
Arts and EntertainmentNe-Yo’s latest lacks a personality of its own
Previous albums from the former Las Vegan had first-rate production, but this one sounds like something you’ve heard before. more
Arts and EntertainmentBlack Eyed Peas’ new album regurgitates tired music trends
Loopy synth grooves, jock-jam beats and clever wordplay fall away in favor of sterile techno that’s calibrated for mall clothing stores. more
Arts and EntertainmentRussell Brand’s second memoir can’t live up to his first
Russell Brand lost his mojo. more


ScreenNewspaper comic goes big screen with ‘Tamara Drewe’
Tamara Drewe has the disjointed, episodic feel of a serialized story condensed into a feature film. more
Screen‘Wild Target’ misses all of its marks
Is comedic thriller Wild Target comedic or thrilling? Weekly writer Josh Bell discusses. more
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Republic Kitchen offers a good reason to trek east—or stay there
TasteRepublic’s claim of “home cooking in a stylish setting” is soundly achieved.
Send me to ... breakfast at Memphis Championship Barbecue
It’s all good, but the Memphis-style twists make the difference.




CD Cover Daft Punk's 'Tron: Legacy' soundtrack review
It’s curious and disappointing that the Legacy score has little of the digital dazzle that makes Daft Punk great.
CD Cover Ne-Yo’s latest lacks a personality of its own
Previous albums from the former Las Vegan had first-rate production, but this one sounds like something you’ve heard before.
CD Cover Black Eyed Peas' new album regurgitates tired music trends
Loopy synth grooves, jock-jam beats and clever wordplay fall away in favor of sterile techno that’s calibrated for mall clothing stores.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Dec 2, 2010
by Deanna Rilling

Infuse your holiday party with seasonal cocktails that hit the spot

’Tis the season to get snockered. Though we’re always down to dose the eggnog with plentiful amounts of rum, we’ve found a few more ways to spike the cocktail arsenal ...