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September 8-September 14
Best in Print2011 Fall A+E Guide: Film
Sigmund Freud! Eternal 25-year-olds! The Muppets! Justin Timberlake! read article
Best in Print2011 Fall A+E Guide: Albums you’ll want to download
Björk does her thing. Wilco puts out No. 8. And much, much more. read article
Best in PrintSteve Friess’ final sentiment: Vegas, I love you
Longtime ‘Weekly’ wordsmith Steve Friess says goodbye to “the most honest place in the world.” read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionEditor’s note: Everybody into the lake
Sarah Feldberg says goodbye to one ‘Weekly’ columnist while welcoming another. more
The IntersectionSome clarification on legal drinking in public
Walking in public with a drink is okay—just make sure you’re doing it right. more
The IntersectionWeekly gives its picks for the next local reality duo
Two former showgirls are on ‘The Amazing Race.’ So, who else would be good? more
The IntersectionFor those with anniversaries and birthdays on 9/11, life must go on
Does celebrating on the date mean we don’t respect the loss our country suffered? more
The IntersectionWhy the stars of ‘Jersey Shore’ need to film a season in Las Vegas
Sun columnist J. Patrick Coolican gives a few reasons why MTV should take the pop culture phenomenon to the city. more
A recent HOA scandal should spur residents to get involved
What is your HOA doing? There’s a possibility you might not approve. more
Thinking about awkward wedding moments, ‘True Blood’ and more
Also, a class about gardening. more
The IntersectionHooters Casino Hotel is no novelty, and that’s the problem
The property’s main creditor opposes the hotel’s plan to continue seeking capital, a merger or a buyer. more
The IntersectionIs it the end of the Hilton era?
It seems the failure of ‘The World According to Paris’ could have been a warning sign for the Las Vegas Hilton. more


NightlifeHot Spots: Mr. Belding hosts, Robin Leach celebrates and more
Also, Temptation Sundays come to a close at the Luxor. more
NightlifeSix questions with Marquee resident DJ Chuckie
The Dirty Dutch DJ discusses EDC, his thoughts on EDM’s rising popularity and more. more
NightlifeThe Strip finally gets the full Deadmau5 experience
Glow sticks! Scantily clad girls! Paris Hilton! more
NightlifePBR Rock Bar is still kickin’ after a good year on the Strip
Weekly proposes ten reasons why the country/rock bar is still going strong. more
NightlifeIdentity Fest brings bass, legends and glow sticks to Mandalay Bay
Weekly writer Sarah Gianetto recaps the Labor Day festival’s happenings. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentThe Weekly checklist: Brian Thomas, O’Sheas’ Lucky the Leprechaun
Dreams of ‘CSI,’ voiceover suggestions and more. more
Arts and EntertainmentWhere to go, what to see and what to cheer for this week
A world-class triathlon, a great exhibit and a yoga festival. more
Arts and EntertainmentOnyx delivers a timeless message of love in ‘Torch Song Trilogy’
The Harvey Fierstein tale hits the Onyx stage this weekend. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe end of the world happens way too quickly in ‘Contagion’
Soderbergh keeps things moving in ‘Contagion’; too fast, in fact more
Arts and EntertainmentLike a good lover, Sade delivers
The songstress performed to a sold-out crowd of 12,000 people at the MGM. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe unheralded genius of Weird Al
“Weird Al” Yankovic takes on the expected subjects, including Lady Gaga, T.I. and Taylor Swift, with typically amusing but inconsistent results. more
Arts and EntertainmentAliens? There’s a Knapp for that
It’s hard not to be entertained when George Knapp talks about aliens and the paranormal. more
Arts and Entertainment2011 Fall A+E Guide: Books
A new tome from Michael Lewis and other books to curl up with this fall. more
Arts and EntertainmentChatting with Atari Teenage Riot’s Alec Empire
His reunited digital hardcore band plays a free Neon Reverb show Saturday night more
Arts and EntertainmentNeon Reverb looks beyond this weekend’s seventh edition
Downtown fest hopes Zappos’ contribution can help it build toward the future. more
Arts and Entertainment2011 Fall A+E Guide: New TV to watch … and avoid
From fighting off dinosaurs to staffing Pan Am flights, there’s lots to look forward to in a new season of network TV. more
Arts and Entertainment2011 Fall A+E Guide: Concerts
At last, Katy Perry can kiss a girl and wake up in Vegas at the same tour stop. more
Arts and Entertainment2011 Fall A+E Guide: Culture from Beethoven to banned comics
Theater! Art! Dance! more


ScreenFilm review: ‘Warrior’
The only thing the overlong ‘Warrior’ inspires is a nap. more
ScreenThe end of the world happens way too quickly in ‘Contagion’
Soderbergh keeps things moving in ‘Contagion’; too fast, in fact more
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At home with … Comme Ça chef Brian Howard
TasteBrian Howard is an intense chef with intense talent.
Take comfort in Cafe de Japon
TasteJust when you think you’ve had every type of Japanese food imaginable, along comes Cafe de Japon.




CD Cover Lady Antebellum is the most popular boring band in America
The group's third album, Own the Night is the musical equivalent of a throw pillow.
CD Cover CD review: Das Racist
Relax is playful, adventurous and way better than it has any right to be.
CD Cover CD review: The Horrible Crowes' 'Elsie'
The Horrible Crowes' debut is impressive stuff.

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Is that a beer in your cocktail?

Drinkers often draw a line between beer and booze, but they’re seriously missing out. Case in point: Bellagio’s Summer Shandy, a beer-based cocktail by award-winning mixologist Matthew Myers. After years ...