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Jo Koy at South Point
December 26-28, 7:30 p.m.
South Point, 797-8055

Here’s the thing about local comedians in Vegas: You’ve got to leave to succeed. Take Doug Stanhope, or Jimmy Kimmel. And though the name’s not as well-known, there’s also Jo Koy. From his first time onstage (’96) and regular appearances at the MGM Grand’s Catch a Rising Star, he graduated to Comic View and winning Showtime at the Apollo. Once LA called, however, he never looked back.

Koy is more animated and likable than ever, but all the Leno appearances and Variety accolades (“10 Comics to Watch”) just can’t make up for the fact that we’d like a little more credit for imbuing some of that universal appeal. Where’s the Vegas pride, Jo? Fair warning, if there’s no Sin City shout-out when your Comedy Central hourlong special, Don’t Make Him Angry, debuts January 4, consider Brian Regan our new favorite comedy son.


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