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Name: Labor Dawgs and Father Flanagan LTD

Background: Every day we see hundreds of people sleeping in the park, sitting on sidewalks, doorways and alleys. The truth is many homeless people work. Most report faithfully to day-labor agencies hoping to get a day’s work, which usually pays minimum wage. Homeless people understand better than any one else that in order to improve their situation it is necessary to maintain employment. This motivation makes homeless people an excellent solution to all your staffing needs both temporary and permanent.

Cause(s): Finding food and employment for the homeless. Father Flanagan LTD clothes, serves hot meals, transports and advocates for indigents.

Contact: http://labordawgs.citymax.com/Father_Flanagan_LTD.html

Name: Growing Into Fair Trade (GIFT)

Background: GIFT is a nonprofit grassroots organization dedicated to educating the public on Fair Trade in an effort to reduce poverty in third world countries. The group has received a grant from TransFair USA, has appeared on Political Insiders and will be featured in the May issue of Southern Nevada Life.

Cause(s): GIFT is made up of artists, students, professionals, parents, teachers and concerned consumers earnestly committed to growing an awareness of Fair Trade and the demand for more products in Las Vegas at an individual, market and community level.

Contact: [email protected]

Name: Nevada Gives

Background: Nevada Gives is a new nonprofit organization created to bring the individuals, families, and businesses of our community together in the spirit of giving. Its sole mission is to promote the wisdom of volunteerism and philanthropy in Southern Nevada.

Cause(s): You can: 1.) Make a direct gift to an established charity (they provide immediate financial support to educational institutions, religious organizations, and many other nonprofits working to meet community needs); 2.) Give to or through a community foundation—these are charitable entities that administer a number of endowed funds for local purposes; 3.) Explore planned giving options. This makes it possible for you to give to the nonprofit of your choice while meeting your current income needs and providing for your heirs; 4.) Create a private or family foundation. The funds continue to provide charitable capital as long as the foundation exists. This allows foundations to provide for the long-term needs of the organization and the issues you want to support.


Name: Las Vegas Catholic Worker

Background: Serving the poor and homeless since 1968

Cause(s): There are many opportunities to get involved with Las Vegas Catholic Worker. One way many people choose is to serve the homeless and poor on the morning soup line, which takes place at 6:30 Wednesday through Saturday at G & McWilliams streets near downtown Las Vegas. Others help out at the 8:30 a.m. vigils for peace each Thursday in front of the Federal Courthouse at 333 Las Vegas Blvd. South.

Contact: lvcw.org

Name: Amanda Haymond and Simone Simpson

Background: Founder and editor, respectively, of Forgotten Voice

Cause(s): To publish a street newspaper written mainly by homeless people, former homeless people and homeless advocates in order to empower them and give them a voice. To build and enhance a sense of community and facilitate positive communication between homeless people, homeless advocates, service providers and the general public. To build awareness of social services that are available to poor and homeless people, and other such information that would be educational to the homeless population. To expand and redefine its charitable, educational, and literary program from time to time as necessary to meet the continuing need to empower homeless people.

Contact: forgottenvoice.org

Name: Nevada Community Foundation

Background: Provides financial support to nonprofit organizations and other public charities, with themes ranging from the arts to zoos in Nevada, but also across the nation.

Cause(s): In 2006, the Nevada Community Foundation made possible grants and scholarships totaling more than $6.5 million. More than 100 organizations received funding in 2006—from the YMCA and Aid for AIDS of Nevada to the Boy Scouts and the Save Darfur Coalition. The Community Investment Process awards millions of dollars to local groups to embark on worthwhile projects that help people become more engaged and involved in their community, build stronger relationships, invest in one another, reach across their own boundaries and interests and grow a shared sense of responsibility to one another.

Contact: nevadacf.org


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