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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony renew vows in Las Vegas. Vows included “no more duets” and “no more co-starring in movies together.”

Department of Motor Vehicles unveils new licenses that are difficult to counterfeit. Wow, what a great ... and someone just made a counterfeit of one of the new licenses.

Voter-registration organization raided for allegedly filing forms with bogus names. And the discrimination against I.P. Freely continues.

Sheldon Adelson’s net worth declines by $24.9 billion in one year. Another few billion and he gets kicked out of the Republican Party.

Jim Gibbons announces he may have to call special session to deal with imminent recession. His next announcement is expected to be, “I need someone to show me how.”

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel stump for Barack Obama in Las Vegas. Undecided voters say, “Sorry. Sarah Palin is hotter than either of you!”

Las Vegas Marathon partners with San Diego-based promoter to meet its financial obligations. So who cares if it’s now called the Petco Marathon and held in San Diego?


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