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Slow to Surface
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Slow to Surface
Three stars
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Slow to Surface releases new album
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Slow to Surface
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Slow to Surface

Slow to Surface is a straight-ahead rock band (think Cracker, Our Lady Peace) with ambitions of becoming something broader. Perhaps that’s why the veteran quintet’s new album is characterized by such a wide variety of styles and influences—it’s a chance to prove their reach. There’s balladry (“Translating Small Talk”), the anthemic potential single (“Shake the Rafters”), acoustic touches (“Here to Give, Here to Take”) … even an instrumental (ironically titled “Instrumentals Are Pretentious”).

Each of these endeavors falls within the modern-rock canon, but the most successful are those which replicate the group’s energetic live act, like the catchy, punky “I’m Gonna Leave.” Although strong and polished, STS does not yet have the material to fully extend beyond its sweet spots.


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