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Two thoughts on the occasion of Marge Simpson flashing some nip in Playboy:

1. Although she’s had her share of hot-to-trot moments in the show’s two decades, isn’t it kinda weird to see visual confirmation that Simpsons characters have, um, parts? (For some reason, Bart’s bits in The Simpsons Movie didn’t have the same effect.) And if Marge has them, then that must mean … Homer …? Moe …? And when Mr. Burns laments that he’s “as impotent as a Nevada boxing commissioner,” must we now consider that in light of his (shudder) plumbing? I submit: This may not be a good development.

2. Now that we can see Marge’s true curvaceousness—that is, since we can no longer assume she’s lumpy and stretch-marked beneath that shapeless dress—Homer tops the list of TV pudges who’ve landed improbably hot wives. Shove over, Kevin James and Jim Belushi! There’s a new boss of the couch!

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