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Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeats Juan Manuel Marquez. Fight fans enjoying UFC 103 ask, “Who and who?”

Las Vegas-Anaheim maglev train proposal to finally get $5 million in federal funds. Awesome! Now it’s one step closer to never happening.

Heidi Fleiss forced to close pet-grooming business. Residents complained after Charlie Sheen started taking his dogs there.

Clark County commissioners suspend rule requiring the use of cleaner-burning gasoline in the winter. They figure it’s better to wait until it’s really needed—like when the whole planet is on fire.

Michael Jackson’s ex-manager: Star trashed Mirage hotel room after learning of police raid on Neverland Ranch Actually, he just threw a remote and tore up the memo pad, but for MJ that was pretty serious.

More than 300 roosters seized as part of local cockfighting bust. And due to a huge misunderstanding, they were all shipped to Heidi Fleiss’ house.

Children’s Health magazine rates Las Vegas as one of the worst cities to raise a family. But what if you want your children adept in the art of cockfighting?

Clark County budget priorities panel to begin focusing on streamlining county offices. We’re not budget experts, but since the county assessor has nothing to assess anymore, maybe that’s the place to start?


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