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Dream Zone: ‘a quiet storm of bees’

I dreamt I was in a restaurant and there was a quiet swarm of bees under the table that I accidentally disturbed and they swarmed my entire left leg and stung it and I couldn’t get them off. I didn’t feel any pain but was very scared ’cuz they were stuck to my leg.Deb 48, Wausau, WI

Lauri: Is there any gossip or “buzz” going on that you may have inadvertently stepped into? Or has someone around you said some hurtful or critical things to you or about you? It seems that since this all took place under the table there is some sort of hush-hush going on in real life. The bees are stuck to your LEFT leg because this is something that really ought to have been LEFT alone but you may have put your foot in where it doesn’t belong and now you’re kinda stuck in it.

Deb replies: Wow—you hit it on the head. I couldn’t see that message but you nailed it. I’m dating a wonderful man but my ex-boyfriend who is the love of my life came back into my life in the past two weeks and wants a second chance. Last night I tried to have an honest conversation with my current boyfriend in hopes of figuring out what to do but couldn’t do it. So my ex is waiting to find out how the conversation went in hopes of getting back together and I’m just not sure what the right thing is to do. So yes, I should have left it alone and asked my ex to give me time to figure things out. Yikes.


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