Four great places to meet locals

Rick Lax, Xania Woodman

Advice for men

Casino valet waiting area Head to Wynn, Aria or Bellagio on a Friday or Saturday night. Park in the garage, and walk over to the valet waiting area. There, you’ll catch all the girls coming out of the clubs—including the bartenders and the go-go dancers. If they’re driving themselves home, you can be pretty sure they’re locals (or Californians at worst). Obviously, you’ll have to pretend as though you’re waiting for your car as well, so have a couple singles in your hand. Or, I suppose, a 20. Opening line: “I saw the craziest thing tonight.”

Fashion Show Mall food court All the girls who work at the mall come on their lunch breaks. Here’s how you can pick out the department store shop clerks: They’re the ones wearing all black. Other giveaways include books, backpacks and car keys. Opening line: “Can I sit down and eat lunch with you? I could use a woman’s perspective on something …”

Borders Books at Town Square The most attractive women in Las Vegas shop at Town Square. You could try picking them up at Cadillac Ranch or Blue Martini, but I’d advocate for Borders instead. First of all, you’ve got less competition there. (I mean, what kind of douchebag would even think to go to a bookstore to pick up women?) Second of all, a woman would rather tell her friends that she met her man at a bookstore than at a bar. Third, at Borders, you don’t have to strain to think up clever topics of conversation. The topic is right in front of you: books. Opening line: “What are you reading right now?”

Two By Two

The DMV Every beautiful woman in Las Vegas comes here, including Holly Madison. Women know they’re going to be doing a lot of waiting at the DMV, but they never appreciate just how much waiting is involved until they pass the three-and-a-half-hour mark. These women are desperate for entertainment, and that entertainment could be you. So find a woman, plop down next to her, and strike up a conversation. Opening line: “Are you renewing your yachting license, too?”

Advice for women

Smallish concerts Scoping out your section for prospects at the MGM Grand Garden Arena is impossible. Better to try your luck (and that new Victoria’s Secret mega-pushup bra) at a smaller concert venue like Wasted Space, House of Blues, B.B. Kings’, Ovation, Mocha Joe’s Café … Strike up a brief convo with anyone who strikes your fancy and if you strike out (that’s three strikes!), merely dissolve into the crowd and move on. But if the chemistry is right there, so too is the afterparty. Opening line: “You going to the after-concert party?”

Go north! (or south) Of course you can meet men on the Strip—this town’s economy depends upon it! But the men you meet will be here today, married with kids and en route back to Ohio tomorrow. To meet local men, head to local locales. Town Square and Downtown bookend the Strip nicely, providing endless, youthful “meet-market” opps (read: Blue Martini, Yard House …), but also movies and shopping. Downtown, I look for empty seats at Downtown Cocktail Room and The Griffin, both perfect for making new friends. At M Resort’s Hostile Grape wine bar try this: Opening line: “What did you think of that Sangiovese? Reminds me of my last trip to Italy.”

Networking events You’re quite mistaken if you think business is the only business going down at these things. At events thrown by The Executive Lounge and The Link, you get to see your prospects in a suit, observe their manners and drive, but know that your ulterior motive is yours to whip out along with your business card should you so choose. Opening line: “What industry are you in?”

Dancing When it comes to clubbing, ladies on the prowl must be careful: Doseable drinks, long walks through empty parking garages and late nights leave us vulnerable. Wingwomen create wonderful buffers, chaperones and excuses when a club is the destination, but just one or two; herds send the wrong message. As for which venue, you should save the mega-clubs for girls night out and find opportunities to get a little closer: swing dancing at the Aruba, line dancing at Revolver or Stoney’s, salsa at almost any Latin night. Opening line: “I love to tango but I could sure use a partner …”


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