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New song, new sound for the Lazystars

New song to debut at Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip January 21

Local band The Lazystars set to play the Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip.

Local indie-rockers The Lazystars are kicking off the New Year with their first show of 2010 at the Hard Rock Café on the Strip this Thursday.

The Weekly caught up with two of the members, singer Dave Hawkins and drummer Brian Havens, to get a feel for what the 'stars have in store for their upcoming performance, and beyond.

Can fans expect to hear any new songs on Thursday?

Hawkins: Actually, we do have a new song, it's a really good one, we're all happy with it. We're going to debut it at the show. We're just going to play that one song and that's it. So it stands out more you know?

Note: He's joking. They have an eight-song set planned.

Havens: Depending on the last time you've seen us, there might be a couple new ones. We have a habit of writing maybe too much.

Does the new song follow the same style or are you veering off into a new direction musically?


Lazystars at Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip
Jan. 21, 8 p.m.
Hard Rock Cafe on Strip

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    Hell's Highway
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    Light of Day
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    Light of Day
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    Nothing Else Matters
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    One of a Kind
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    Pictures and Photographs
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    She Knows Everything

More on Lazystars

Hawkins: It is a step-up from everything else we've done before for sure. It's clear to me that this song is definitely the direction that the band is going in. When we first started it was a bunch of songs that I had written by myself before, and that was much more influence I had from Coldplay and all these different bands I was listening to. Now collectively as a group … I would say it's a Lazystars [song] rather than David Hawkins and The Lazystars [song] … It's a working title, but right now it's called “A Perfect World.”

Do you think there's a perk to playing on the Strip versus Downtown?

Hawkins: I thought about that. When we play Downtown it's not like we're playing on Fremont Street in front of all the tourists; it's the scene, it's faces that you see all the time who are very supportive. So we're opening ourselves to the tourists, people that just happen to be in there. That's the only difference really, because once you're on that stage and you're blinded by the lights, it's the same.

Havens: It's definitely outside of the realm; there's a world outside of the Vegas indie scene. The Strip is so commercial, if you play out there it's cool, it's like dipping your feet in that broader audience. ... The biggest deal about this is it's our first show of the year. Honestly, it's pivotal in a sense for us, because it's stepping up our game with this new song, and there's a certain new energy about the way the songs are coming out of us.


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