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In the corner of a cardboard box was an enormous spider the size of my hand. I tried about three times to kill the spider. As hard as I tried the spider was not in the least hurt nor threatened. It didn’t run away; it just stood its ground and never moved. –Greer 61, Surrey, England

Lauri: When bugs infest our dreams, it’s a good indication that something or someone is really bugging us in waking life. Spiders in particular often are connected to deceit, a web of lies woven by someone around you. It is significant that you associated the spider with the size of your hand. This is the way your dream is trying to show you that this situation is absolutely something you can “handle.” The fact that you tried three times to kill the spider suggests that in waking life you attempted to put an end to this situation to no avail. Who has stood their ground with you? The cardboard box is important. A lot of times, when we dream of cardboard it is connected to money issues. It could also be related to you needing “to move” on (as we use cardboard boxes to pack and move) from this person or situation. It seems the message is change your tactic or move on, otherwise things will never change.

Greer replies: You have just about got it right. I was in a job situation where a colleague was on my case, no matter what I did or said would budge him. One time he even shoulder butted me. I am in the process of moving house, now that I have lost my job, I can’t afford to live at my present location in London. You are quite right. I know I have to alter my strategy and move on.


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