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I had a very bizarre dream last night. My boyfriend from high school (we’ve been apart for five years now) broke into my house. I hid under the couch and saw that he had a gun. When he turned the other way, I jumped out from under the couch and grabbed him. I wrestled the gun away but he pinned me to the floor and grabbed it back. He shot me in the head point-blank, but it only grazed the top of my scalp before I managed to knock the gun away again. I picked up the gun and shot him in his knees so he couldn’t get away, and held the gun on him until the police showed up. I woke up when I heard the sirens. What does it mean? - Jen 21, Madison, WI

Lauri: You must be “under the gun” right now. What sort of pressure are you currently dealing with? Your ex is probably not playing himself since it’s been so long since you were with him, but rather represents some part of you or some part of your life. Ask yourself what three words come to mind when you think of him, his personality. Apply those words to yourself. Just as you were wrestling with him in the dream, are you wrestling with that part of you right now? You managed to shoot him in the knees to debilitate him. Nice job! This is the way your dream is showing you that you certainly can give this issue “your best shot.”

Jen replies: I am struggling with finals right now. Hmmm. That is an excellent point about what my ex means. I never would’ve come up with that. He was lazy, unmotivated and unambitious. Right now I’m very burnt out with classes and feeling very unmotivated to study, etc. Thanks so much!


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