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I am in a bathroom, sitting on the floor with my legs stretched out to measure them with a yardstick. I notice a bug on the floor that seems small at first, then notice bigger wings, like a dragonfly. It keeps changing, and now I want to get a closer look. I think it looks like a small lizard with wings. It suddenly jumps off the wall onto my neck. I try to swat it off my neck, wondering if it is poisonous. - Kim 44, Cleveland, Ohio

Lauri: Your dream takes place in the bathroom because there is a waking life frustration that you wish to “cleanse” yourself of. Interesting that you are measuring legs. Have you been wondering how you measure up against someone else? Your legs are your ability to stand up for yourself as well as move forward toward your goals … or even move on from something you need to leave behind. Have you been wondering if you’ve got what it takes to do any of the aforementioned? The little bug you see also indicates that something has been frustrating you, or “bugging” you. It is something that—like the bug in your dream—is increasing in size. It morphs into a lizard, a cold-blooded, seemingly unemotional creature. Is there anyone around you that you might describe this way? It jumps on your neck for a reason. Your neck/throat area is where your voice comes from. Your dream is telling you to use your voice, speak up about what frustrates you; this is the only way to cleanse yourself of it.

Kim replies: My work situation has become increasingly frustrating. There are some people that are very negative and that has been “bugging me.” I do feel that it is time for me to leave this behind, so I am wondering how I would measure up in trying to move forward to a new situation. Your interpretation was very accurate. You have opened up a whole new world to me. I love tuning in to my little movies that play nightly for help in my waking life!


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