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Las Vegas Air Guitar

An activity previously intended only for teens taking care of the house while their parents were away has vaulted to the forefront of pop culture marginalia. It only makes sense—after all, literally anyone can do it. And even if they won’t admit it, literally everyone has tried it. Yep, there’s no shortage of air-guitar enthusiasts, and they’re decamping, en masse, to the Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip to show the world that they’re not losers, nerds or dweebs—they’re hardcore wannabe rockers (there is a huge difference!).


Air Guitar Regional Finals
May 28, 9 p.m., $20
Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip

When all the gyrating, finger-flying, sweat-pumping action is over, one lucky contestant will be New York-bound, to compete in the U.S. Air Guitar Championships, and could eventually represent their country at the World Air Guitar Competition in Finland. Be the first to say you were there when someone who couldn’t cut it at Guitar Hero aped Pete Townshend.

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