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A couple nights ago I had a very long dream, but only remember one part—an old chocolate lab dog walked up to me and I started petting her. She laid down on her back so I could rub her belly. I noticed her nipples were big, like she had been nursing puppies. I thought that was strange since she looked so old. As I reached down to pet her, milk started flowing out all over! - Angi 33, Tampa, FL

Lauri: Well, let’s start with the obvious ... are YOU pregnant or wanting to become pregnant? If not, then this dog may represent and “old” relationship (either friendship or a romantic relationship) or even a project that you are feeling the need to nurture again. All that milk is your abundance of nurturing energy that is more than ready to feed this relationship or project. Even the fact that the dog presented her belly to you is important. It is the way you are telling yourself to go ahead and “belly on up” to the bar, so to speak, and get to work!

Angi replies: I’m definitely not pregnant, nor am I wanting to be. But we are looking at buying a house and are considering getting a fixer-upper. I was thinking it might be an old property that would have new life under my hands. Thank you so much! I’ve really been enjoying your books. They’ve really been helping me remember my dreams and think about what they mean.


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