Dream Zone: ‘at a military boot camp’

I dreamt I was at a military boot camp with my parents and an ex-boyfriend from years ago. I had to complete a course which was a strange non-military-like maze through buildings with lots of other people I didn’t know. I was the first to finish and I fell and landed with my face in the mud.Jeanna 37, Auberndale, WI

Lauri: Is there anything in waking life you need to—or have been—more disciplined and militant about? Diet? Exercise? Finances? Anything like that? It seems that you are doing a pretty good job but despite that, you may be upset or depressed, hence falling into the mud. Let’s talk about that ex. Was he your first love? If so, he represents the passion and excitement you want and need in your life right now. We dream of our first loves when our current relationship gets a little too routine or when we are going through a dry spell.

Jeanna replies: I am working on the diet and exercise, and I am definitely depressed. I have an unhappy marriage. My husband isn’t home much and when he is I don’t get to exercise or follow my own schedule. I turn into a b#@ch when he’s around because I don’t like it when he’s home. And yes, the ex in my dream was my first love.

Lauri: I believe your dream is showing you that you feel your life is difficult to maneuver through right now but yet you are still managing to do so even though you face many obstacles to your happiness. Stay disciplined. It seems to be working for you.

Jeanna replies: Thank you! That all makes so much sense!! When I woke up I was feeling really confused and thinking what in the world was that about? I am going to work on being more disciplined with my diet, exercise, chores, schooling, taking care of me. As for the hubby, well I’m going to take care of me first and then I’ll deal with that!


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