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Dream Zone: ‘putting mascara on my armpit hairs’

I dreamt I was putting mascara on my armpit hairs. I woke up thinking ... WOW! What in the world does this mean?Marcy 30, Salt Lake City, UT

Lauri: Um, yeah ... wow! Seriously though, as bizarre as this dream is, there is definitely a message. It seems that you are currently in a situation that “stinks” or that you feel is “the pits.” Armpits can also be rather offensive. Have you offended anyone recently? Your dream self is putting mascara on the pit hair, so that leads me to believe your inner self wants you to enhance this situation or perhaps try to make yourself look better and less offensive in someone else’s eyes, hence the mascara.

Marcy replies: You have no idea how right on the mark you are! I recently got a DUI. However, it’s not that black and white. There are some major flaws in the police officer’s report and the way he conducted his tests. So I hired a lawyer, but all my communication with him has been very uneasy and not very comforting. When I talked to him on the morning of the hearing he was so rude and condescending, the last thing he did was put my mind at ease that he would fight for me. Needless to say, I lost my license. Since then I have been doing all I can to keep a positive face for my kids to ensure they feel secure (they have no idea). That has been a huge challenge because when you are in a stinky situation that you have no control over, you really have to focus on the little things that you are grateful for to maintain what’s most important in life.


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