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Dream Zone: ‘a purple sports car with glitter!’

I was in the market for a new car, so I called my old personal trainer and told him what I wanted. I show up at the dealership and it’s a purple sports car with glitter! I realized it was only a one-seater. I started to have second thoughts because I thought for sure it was a V6, but as I was accelerating I noticed that it was only a 4 cylinder. I called my trainer/dealer and told him I was going to bring it back. Then I woke up.Bobbi 35, New York

Lauri: You must be in the market for a new direction in waking life. While it seems odd that your former trainer was the car dealer in the dream it is perfectly natural to your dreaming mind because he represents your ability to be disciplined, and that is what it will take to get yourself moving in this new direction in real life. The car is glittery because that represents the glitz and glamour of it in your mind. It seems that once this idea became a reality you realized it wasn’t what you had hoped and it didn’t leave much room for anyone or anything else in your life (the one seat). It is a 4 cylinder rather than a V6 because you are losing your “drive,” your motivation, to continue with it.

Bobbi replies: I have been a personality in the media for about 12 years, and recently my commitments have taken over my life. Going into the business, there was a small element of “glitz and glamour” thoughts, but I quickly learned that wasn’t going to be the case. That passion and drive has certainly dwindled in the past months, as it’s taken quite a toll on me living a truly happy and fulfilling life. I have indeed been toying with the idea of heading in a totally different direction.


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