Three reasons to see Kevin James and Ray Romano

Kevin James and Ray Romano, a comedy tag team at Jet.

Long before they were the stars of monster CBS sitcoms, Ray Romano and Kevin James were standup comedians. They bring their uncensored wits to Las Vegas this weekend, and we're giving you good reasons to go.

1. Do it out of sympathy for Romano. Let's be honest: While James has had a successful post-King of Queens movie career, Romano hasn't been so lucky. (And no, voiceover work doesn't count.) So let's show up, and love Raymond again.


Kevin James & Ray Romano
Oct. 29-30, 10:00 p.m., $89-$119
The Mirage

2. They love playing Las Vegas. Romano is particularly full of Vegas observations. Our favorite? "C'mon. Where else in the world but Vegas could you stand in front of a Picasso with a bucket of nickels? 'That's good, look at the colors on that. Those are nice colors. I want a sandwich. I'm gettin' a sandwich.'"

3. James does a ridiculously good impression of Romano. Count on him doing it at least once during the show...and count on Romano to indignantly insist it sounds nothing like him.

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