UNLV Liberal Arts reveals revised plan for budget cuts

UNLV’s College of Liberal Arts received news Tuesday from its dean of a revised budget-cutting plan that includes the elimination of non-tenured professors in the philosophy, anthropology and sociology departments.

This is a departure from the college’s previously stated plans, which recommended the philosophy department be cut entirely. The women’s studies department, also previously slated for elimination, is still on the chopping block. Women’s studies, philosophy, anthropology and sociology have the least amount of majors within the college, which also includes political science, psychology and English.

“The central rationale is to have as slight an impact on student progress toward degrees as possible,” stated Dean Christopher Hudgins in a statement e-mailed to the department Tuesday and obtained by the Weekly.

Philosophy, anthropology and sociology professors would have until July 1 to obtain tenure or be terminated at the end of the next academic year, which is June 30, 2012.

Three visiting assistant professor positions in philosophy, one professional staff position in foreign languages, one classified staff in WRIN (the Women's Research Institute of Nevada) and several already-vacant seats also are being recommended for elimination.

Hudgins also wrote in the e-mail that the college’s estimated budget cut total — currently $1.64 million — has a “very real possibility” of being lowered due to decisions by the Board of Regents, college reorganization, legislative action or resignations and retirements.

A liberal arts college meeting is scheduled for 3 p.m. today to discuss the revised plan.


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