Dream Zone: ‘the world as we know it has ended’

All of my dreams take place when the world as we know it has ended. A lot of the dreams consist of me trying to get to my kids. I see people dying and I am freaking out because I can’t get to my family. My dream usually flashes forward and I am without my family and everything is in shambles and ruin.Cindy 34, Houston, TX

Lauri: It is connected to something in your waking life that has been going on for that long. In what way has your personal world—as you once knew it—ended or changed? Not being able to get to your family suggests something is going on where you feel you are being pulled from them in real life. Are you a working mom and missing your kids? The people that are dying in the dream represent changes that are going on around you that you may be resisting. Your dream flashes to the future because you must fear that things will never get any better. Just remember, you are what you think. Change your thoughts and you’ll change your dreams … and your life!

Cindy replies: Up until five years ago I was a stay-at-home mom with four children. Since then I have been fighting in a man’s industry doing “a man’s job” (oil and gas and I am a network engineer). It seems hopeless to get ahead even with earned respect. I feel everything has been an uphill battle and I dearly miss my children on a daily basis. I am starting to resent that I have to do this and feel the time being used is taking a precious part of my life from me. I often wonder why life is this way and maybe I shouldn’t have had kids because this is all the future holds for them.


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