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Dream Zone: ‘The house was full of bees’

I dreamt I came home and the house was full of bees. I went in the back door and could not get it open to leave. They weren’t stinging or anything ... but it was spooky.Chuck, Erie, PA

Lauri: Since the dream starts with you entering your home, it is connected to something going on with the home dynamic, or it is something you are bringing home with you when it probably ought to be left at work or elsewhere. Speaking of work, maybe that’s it. Are you such a “busy bee” that you work even when you are at home? Bees can also represent the “buzz” of the latest gossip. Is anyone in your home a big gossip? Or is any gossip surrounding you that is really “bugging” you? Bees and other stinging insects in dreams can also be connected to painful and stinging remarks. The good news is that the bees weren’t stinging you ... yet. This tells me that you may be in a situation that has the potential to be emotionally painful if you don’t “exterminate” the issue right away. Whatever these bees are, your dream is showing you that the situation is mounting and your home is not going to feel like home until this is taken care of.

Chuck replies: The buzzing of gossip and stinging remarks may be accurate. I’ve had some issues lately and been the subject of some nasty remarks. My personality is to just internalize it, and so it may be manifesting itself in the bees. Good call!


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