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Dream Zone: ‘I was choking’

I was choking on something I drank. When I looked in the mirror, I saw all these veins of blue all over my face. The veins were heavier on the left side than the right. I was freaked out by the veins so I woke myself up.Nikole 35, Memphis, TN

Lauri: Like a mirror, dreams are a reflection of what’s really going on in our life as well as what is going on within the self. Your dream seems to be showing you that you may have recently choked on your words. Is there something you need or want to say but can’t or didn’t? When a dream draws attention to the face, it usually means there is a reality you need to face. Veins may be a play on words and mean vain. Are you afraid that speaking up may be “in vain?”

Nikole replies: This is too funny. There’s definitely a situation I could’ve handled differently. I could’ve spoken my mind but decided it would be in vain and not worth the trouble. Funny how I missed the literal translation because I was so focused on the color blue. I didn’t explicitly tell someone how I felt about their actions and I just let the friendship end quietly. It wasn’t worth the effort when I looked at it as a whole.

Lauri replies: That may be why the veins were heavier on the left side of your face. Through the dream you were probably “facing” the reality that this issue would be better “left” alone.

Nikole replies: That makes perfect sense. Thanks for making it all so clear.


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