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Dream Zone: ‘A closet full of broken jewels’

In my dream I have to use the restroom. When I walk into what I think is a restroom, it is actually a closet full of broken jewels and a note that says “Please find me.” I grab a broken piece of a jewel and leave the closet to try to find the match.Dana 31, Altamonte Springs, FL

Lauri: Needing to use the restroom suggests there is some frustration or negativity you need to cleanse yourself of. It is something you have been keeping to yourself or that is a secret, however, since the bathroom turned into a closet. The broken jewels are connected to something in your life that is broken, like a relationship for instance. The note “find me” is interesting. Do you feel you have lost a sense of yourself lately? Are you feeling lost in some way? What is it you are searching for right now?

Dana replies: This totally makes sense. My church is going through lots of changes: a new pastor, people disagreeing, people leaving, etc. I am torn in the middle. I was highly involved in my church when this all started and now I am not. I even stopped attending. I “took a break.”

Lauri replies: That may be why it is jewels that are broken, because you receive valuable jewels of wisdom from church. Trying to find the match, along with the note that says “find me,” is the way your inner self is telling you to find a new church that matches you.

Dana replies: I am sitting in amazement and shock; I never tied the two together. It helps a whole lot. Thanks.


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