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Chris Bauder turns latex house paint into the lush and erotic at Brett Wesley

Bauder’s “A Study of Navals”

Some people paint, some people sculpt. Chris Bauder? He works in both mediums—simultaneously.

The local artist’s latest exhibit, Lush at Brett Wesley Gallery, is a collection of sculptures made almost exclusively from latex house paint. Bauder takes high-gloss ceramics—some he creates, others he finds—and then dips, drips and pours paint onto them to form obscure figures. “Ceramic isn’t prevalent in the work. Ceramic is just a tool to use while I’m getting these forms,” he says. “The paint is then modified in some way, whether it’s peeled off and inverted, squished, stuffed [or] manipulated.”

The Details

Through September 29,. Opening reception August 2, 6-8 p.m.
Brett Wesley Gallery, 433-4433

The UNLV MFA grad intended for the pieces to carry sensual overtones, something he believes is achieved by the actual forms, as well as the usage of the high-gloss paint. “It’s going to be very sexy, just the nature of the material,” Bauder says. “And the forms I tend to use have bits and pieces of sexiness and eroticism—maybe a nipple here or maybe something phallic, or there may be something vaginal or inverted or concave or convex. Basically, the pieces kind of move in a way where you’ll kind of get that from it.”


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