Trend-watching at the MAGIC Project Trade Show

Sam Glaser @sammyglaser
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      Brooch at Neiman Marcus.


      Brooches are back, bolder than ever and the latest way to accessorize some sparkle. Try one—or a cluster—on a clutch, in your hair or on your favorite top.

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      Sweaterdress from Wildfox.

      Allover prints

      Florals and shapes are turning up all over everything from shirts and jeggings to the occasional sweaterdress. Balance this bold trend with subdued bottoms and outerwear.

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      DV by Dolce Vita.

      Heavy-metal footwear

      First there were metal spikes; then came lower-profile metal plates. From the heel to the toe, this rockin’ footwear doubles as weaponry.

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      Bracelets by M. Cohen.

      Bracelet stacks

      It’s a party on your wrist and everything’s invited: Materials may include silk wraps, leather, waxed cord, sterling silver, brass and onyx.

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      JC Rags.

      Faded non-denim

      Twills, chinos and trousers used to be all business. Meet the new school of garment—dyed and washed pants. They’re comfy, versatile, effortlessly stylish and available in fall-friendly hues.

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      Wingtip by Del Toro.

      Pop sole

      Welcome to the intersection of classic and edgy. These shoes don’t just make the outfit—they make a statement.


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