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Courtney Carroll and Brett Bolton last played a public show as Kid Meets Cougar in October 2010.
Photo: Saeed Rahbaran

Late 2010: Kid Meets Cougar looks poised to break beyond Nevada’s borders after an 18-month blitz that has seen the band release a debut album, play South by Southwest and earn online praise from Entertainment Weekly. And then? Nothing—by design. The dancey indie duo has been on extended hiatus for more than a year, focused on more than its next Downtown gig.

“We had a lot going for us, but we also had a lot of ideas piling up,” explains Brett Bolton, the “kid” to bandmate (and girlfriend) Courtney Carroll’s “cougar.” “So we decided to take some time off and make those dreams into reality. I got a little concerned at times, like, would people even care anymore when we started playing again? But it looks like the plan’s actually gonna work.”

When KMC re-emerges on February 24 at Winchester Cultural Center, the band will unveil the visual setup for which it raised more than $6,000 through a Kickstarter campaign, along with the songs comprising new EP Sierra Papa Tango. Without spoiling any surprises, Bolton promises that the show will utilize Microsoft Kinect depth sensors to project “videos on our bodies that are separate from what’s being projected in the background.”

And the new music? “It sounds like Kid Meets Cougar, but the production is better, the sound quality is better and I think the songs are better,” says Bolton, who recorded the EP in the home studio he calls Sasquatch SoundLabs.

“Kid Meets Cougar was originally just a playful project for us, but now we’re taking it a lot more seriously. By stepping out of the public eye for a while, I think we’re going to come back even stronger.”

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