Style, according to the AP Stylebook

Jeggings? Yes. Jorts? No.

The AP Stylebook, used for grammar, punctuation and the principles of reporting, is often an indicator of the new vernacular. “Web site” becomes “website”; “e-mail” loses the hyphen; “fan”, “friend” and “follow” can now be used as both nouns and verbs. And yes, the AP Stylebook likes to have its say on actual style, too.

The 2012 AP Stylebook is equipped with the ABCs of fashion terminology from designers to designs, materials and color. It tells you everything from who invented the bikini, to the proper way to use Lycra.

With 185 terms, the fashion style guidelines give a history of brands, stores and designers such as Giorgio Armani and Cristobal Balenciaga, but also how to use them. They give the proper spellings and usage for articles of clothing you may never have heard of, as well as patterns, characteristics of clothing and design processes that would be unrecognizable to many.

Some of the terms you may be familiar with: The AP decided that “jeggings” is the appropriate term for the hybrid legging and jean, but “skort” and “jort” are not allowed for their hybrid combinations. When using the term “wife beater” to describe a white tank top, it must always be in quotations.

Other entries that may fascinate the grammar-conscious fashionista:

1. The Gap is not to be used when referring to the Gap store or company. Instead it is Gap Inc.

2. Louis Reard was an auto engineer, but created the bikini.

3. You should avoid using nude as a description color. Instead use sand or champagne.

4. Velcro should only be used when referring to the trademark for the nylon material that can be pressed together or pulled apart for easy fastening and unfastening. Instead use a generic term such as fabric fastener.

5. For Lycra, when not referring to the trademark fiber or fabric, use spandex, elastic or stretch fabric.

Other additions to the 2012 Stylebook were a broadcast and social media chapter. For more fashion entries check out AP Stylebook on Twitter #APStyleChat.

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