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Dream Zone: ‘everything is so blurry’

I have a reoccurring dream that I am trying to drive down the road but everything is so blurry. I cannot focus on anything. What does this mean?- Lauren, 25

Lauri: This dream comes to you whenever you are not “focusing” enough on a particular issue in your life. Since you are always driving in these dreams, my guess is that it is your career path. Something is hindering your “drive” and motivation. These dreams are a constant reminder you are offering yourself that you need to give this the proper attention and focus it deserves so you can go as far as this road will take you.

Lauren replies: That interpretation makes great sense! I am going through a divorce. My soon-to-be ex finally admitted he was an alcoholic. Having to deal with his problem daily has kept me from focusing on a career I love. I finally realize that I do not need him to hold me back, or try to hurt things that I have worked so hard for.


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