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Dream Zone: ‘walked into the bathroom to find a large alligator’

I woke up and walked into the bathroom to find a large alligator. I started screaming for my husband to get up and help me get it out of the house, but he wasn’t responding very quickly. I was so scared it was going to eat me or my pets. –Angie 34, Tampa, FL

Lauri: This dream might be warning you that some issue is beginning to eat away at you since you were afraid you were going to be eaten. Has anyone around you recently said sharp, biting remarks to you or criticized you in some way? If so, that is likely what the alligator represents. In addition, it may also suggest that you ought to find a way to have thicker skin. This all takes place in the bathroom because your inner mind feels it is time for you to cleanse yourself of this frustration. Your husband isn’t helpful in the dream because this is most likely your issue alone and you are the one who needs to remedy it.

Angie replies: I was put on a large project a few months ago, and pretty much have had to ignore everything else ever since. I was apologizing to a co-worker the other day about this, saying I felt bad that the project has taken all my time. He started saying, “Waaaaa, waaaaa,” like a crying baby, and said, “Oh, so do I just need to be a blonde woman like you if I want to get out of all my work?” I was so floored he would say that. He has a bad attitude in general, and the last time I spoke with him I vowed to myself that I would keep chats with him to a minimum, because I don’t need my own attitude poisoned. Maybe this is bothering me more than I realized.


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