Five things I wrote in my notebook at The Faint’s November 24 show at House of Blues

Guitarist Dapose has been playing bass lately for The Faint.
Photo: Bill Hughes
Molly O'Donnell

1. As promised, after a brief detour into newer material, The Faint played Danse Macabre straight through. It’s the Omaha electro band’s most conceptual album and its most popular, packed with infectious tracks like “Agenda Suicide.”

2. Since bassist Joel Petersen left the group, guitarist Dapose has supplied the bass lines for the live show, but playing a man short didn’t stop The Faint from filling the room with pulse-racing beats.

3. It’s virtually impossible not to dance at a Faint show. These songs set tiny fires in your shoes. But too much of Saturday’s supposedly sold-out crowd was made up of wallflowers.

4. The Faint always puts on a visual show to match its intense sonic experience. We got red lasers and a pulsating, ever-changing digital backdrop, rivalling Jónsi’s famed 2010 feast for the eyes in the same venue.

5. After a Sonic Youth cover (“Mote”) toned down the mood, The Faint satisfied rabid fans with a triple encore that included “I Disappear” from 2004’s Wet From Birth and the Vegas apropos “Worked Up So Sexual.”


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