CD review: Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Until Now’

Smith Galtney

The Details

Swedish House Mafia
Until Now
One and a half stars

If Michael Bay made club music, it would sound just like Until Now, the second and supposedly (hopefully?) last DJ compilation from blockbuster dance trio Swedish House Mafia. These guys clock their tracks in EPMs (explosions per minute) where buildups begat crescendos and big moments merely exist to create even bigger ones. There’s a beat—maybe a pulse, too—somewhere underneath it all, only it keeps getting yanked out from under your feet and thwacked over your head.

But what’s migraine-inducing to a 41-year-old such as myself is clearly nirvana to younger, less-fatigued ears. After selling out Madison Square Garden late last year, SMH have proved they can milk a farewell like the most wizened classic rocker, by following up a “retirement” announcement with dates for “One Last Tour.” But the fact that all those Pavement-lovin’ music snobs who once pissed on Alice DeeJay are now being force fed this stuff by their kids is actually pretty funny.


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