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Dream Zone: Getting something off the chest—surgically

I dreamt that I was getting a receipt (from a grocery store) surgically removed from my chest. I woke up from the pain and actually thought I was getting stabbed!Bobby 35, St. Petersberg, FL

Lauri: The chest is where the heart is and often is connected to your feelings in waking life. The receipt most likely represents an emotional price you have paid or perhaps is a pun on “checking out.” You are having it surgically removed because your inner dreaming mind feels there is an idea or behavior that needs to be removed in order to mend a relationship or a certain situation. It may also be a pun on “getting something off your chest.” Anything you need to open up about? The pain you feel upon waking is connected to the emotional pain you hold inside ... that or you are afraid it will be painful to say what needs to be said.

Bobby replies: My wife and I are mending our relationship. We almost got divorced a few months ago. I love her very much but no matter what I say, or how I say it, she doesn’t seem to care or want to comprehend. Basically, I was packing my bags and told her she could have EVERYTHING, including my bank accounts. I didn’t care. I wanted out because I could not get through to her anymore. It was then she finally realized what was going on and has been changing for the better ever since.

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