CD Review: Fidlar’s ‘Fidlar’

Blood, sweat and cheap beer


The Details

Four stars

Fidlar—an acronym for F*ck It Dog Life’s A Risk—might seem like exactly the kind of goofy, semi-ironic name you’d expect from a band of young LA ruffians making loud guitar music. But based on their self-titled debut, it suits them quite well. The record is a slurred, pummeling ode to living fast and dying young; its howling vocals and thumping drums capture the urgency of that ethos, while its pop guitar licks and drugs- and booze-reveling lyrics capture the joy. What makes the album more than a good party record, however, is its ability to tap into a variety of genres while still maintaining a distinct, cohesive sound. It ranges from nihilistic punk on “Cheap Beer” to the meaty garage rock of “Max Can’t Surf” to the country-tinged blues of “Gimme Something.” After years of boredom and surf music from LA’s ailing rock scene, a shot of whiskey and a night of Fidlar just might be the cure.

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