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Dream Zone: ‘We got into a hot-and-heavy makeout session’

I was sitting in a room filled with sand and there were beautiful red and purple Persian rugs with my cousin’s picture on them. I tried to walk to one of them to get a better look but the sand was really hard to navigate. As I got stuck, my cousin appeared and for some freaky reason we got into a hot-and-heavy makeout session. By the way, I would never make out with my cousin! -Kat 38, Wausau, WI

Lauri: Usually, making out in a dream can be connected to intimate conversation in waking life because, like kissing, it takes two mouths to communicate. Do you need to or have you recently had an important or intimate conversation with your cousin ... or with anyone? What three things first come to mind when you think of your cousin? Can you associate any of those things with yourself? The rugs could be a reference to sweeping something under the rug, rather than discussing it. Getting stuck in the sand suggests you are feeling stuck somewhere in real life, something isn’t progressing. Sand can refer to time. Is something taking a long time to change or happen? Sweeping the issue under the rug certainly won’t help the matter.

Kat replies: Yesterday was my brother’s birthday and I haven’t talked to him in years. I was feeling bad about the lack of communication in my extended family, which includes my cousin. And this family won’t budge. Nobody will apologize and make an effort, so we are stuck right where we are. Whew! At least, I am not a sick freak that wants to make out with my cousin!!!


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