8 thoughts from Saturday at Life Is Beautiful

Alpine performed at LIB Day 1.
Photo: Corlene Byrd

1. Bad news first. Since the rest of the festival ran so smoothly and well, beautifully, seeing an old couple get turned away at the festival gates (only so they could get to their hotel room) didn’t sit right. Once inside, it’s easy to forget, but a fest like this still interrupts people’s vacations and everyday way of life.

2. Alpine, my first show of the day, starts the festival off with a bang. Their sexy, jazzy electro-pop sounds even better live. I hope they return to Vegas.

3. I’ve only been into clothing boutique Coterie once. Now that I’m actually Downtown in the daylight, I can venture in and kill some time in between sets. It’s definitely worth a look.

4. Hipsters have kidnapped Hall & Oates—figuratively. Only at a music festival will you overhear a conversation between two 20-year-old men about how kick-ass the blue-eyed soul duo is when they’re not even playing.

5. The Dig, a little-known band from New York City, puts on one of the evening’s best shows, but the Heartland stage, stowed away inside Charity Lane, smells really, really bad.

6. It wouldn’t be a festival without a girl bopping about in a headdress. When can we agree to put this culturally appropriating trend away?

7. I’ve never tried Fernet before, but at $12 a pop in the Alchemy Garden I’m feeling adventurous. The deliciously spicy and effervescent Fernet Ginger Snap was well worth the price tag.

8. I witnessed a parade of people walk a man dressed in a carrot suit down Fremont Street. Enough said.

Photo of Leslie Ventura

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