[Summer Guide 2016]

Five must-ride Vegas waterslides

Zuma ZOOMa at Cowabunga Bay.
Photo: Christopher DeVargas

1. The Tank Waterslide at Golden Nugget Riders jettison through the hotel pool’s 50-by-30-foot tank filled with … 11 sharks! Plus, the aforementioned 30-foot drop only takes eight seconds to complete. No wonder Travel Channel ranks the Tank as one of the most extreme pools in the world.

2. Waterslides at Flamingo Beach Club Pool Looking for something tamer? Take in views of surrounding Strip hotels at Flamingo’s 15-acre tropical oasis, all before sliding through a cascading waterfall and plunging into the pool.

3. Hoover Half Pipe at Wet ’N’ Wild “All the fun of white-water rafting” without the worries of super-strong currents, holes or jagged rocks, this attraction drops riders 57 feet before their two-person raft shoots vertically up a wall—only to fall back again for that stomach-turning feel.

4. Cancun Resort’s Pyramid Slides Scale a Mayan pyramid to slide into crystal-clear H20. Just north of the South Point, Cancun Resort has four chutes on its ancient- ruin replica. And if you don’t have a time-share membership, don’t fret—treat yourself and book a hotel room.

5. Zuma ZOOMa at Cowabunga Bay Like the Bomb Bay attraction at the former Wet ‘N Wild, Cowabunga’s ZOOMa features a trap door, dropping riders from 73 feet up into its high-speed, horizontal, 360-degree loop tube. Not for the faint of heart.

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