“No” is a full sentence: Pt. 2

Stress Relieving Fact #2: You have to weigh the amount of work you will produce versus making a couple people mildly unhappy.

You’re just as important as everyone else so don’t completely ruin your day to improve someone else’s…even if they expect you to.

Everyone has their own life, their own dilemmas, and is typically coming from their own particular standpoint. Often times it has nothing to do with you. Don’t get me wrong- sometimes you may really be putting on a subpar performance. These little rules don’t apply to the lazy or to people that aren’t real honest about the quality of their choices and/or work. Half-ass people put themselves in stressful situations and it’s their own damn fault. However, the easiest way to assure yourself you’re not the problem is Stress Relieving Fact #3: You need to constantly make an effort to do/be your best. I know, I know, a tall order for some people but a definite prerequisite for anyone looking to live a less-stressful life. How would you ever be able to stop fretting if you know people have a reason to be irritated with you? You’d be constantly waiting for people to unload at you from all angles.

Stress Relieving Fact #4: Play it cool until it all plays out. Especially in events I have people coming to me all the time, hemorrhaging over quickly approaching deadlines and problems that weren’t expected. During the party I did in August with Macy Gray she couldn’t find her ID. Sounds simple, but the result was that she couldn’t get on the private jet that was supposed to bring her to the event. Hours went by and the timeframe in which she was supposed to get up on stage and DJ got closer and closer. Everyone’s stress levels weren’t helping and, in fact, we snowballed into a whole new world of problems. What was the solution? Just play it cool. I just assumed everything would come together eventually – and if it didn’t – I would come up with a new solution then. Sometimes the amount of work you do anticipating a problem ends up adding to your stress, quite often, for no reason. Macy showed up, we came up with solutions for all our other last minute conflicts and the event went great!

Precocious entrepreneur, workaholic and a rabid perfectionist Crystal Starlight knows a thing or two about getting ahead at a young age. Email her at [email protected]

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