120 words about MC Chris

Ben Westhoff

“Weird Al” Yankovic opened the floodgates for nerdcore last year with his brilliant Chamillionaire spoof “White & Nerdy,” in which he let us know that his favorite M.C. was Escher. Unlike other hip-hop subgenres, nerdcore is less a regional movement than an Internet-enabled cross-country collective populated mostly by white, self-denigrating, hyperliterate geeks. Arguably the best of the bunch is MC Chris, a high-pitched Brooklyn emcee most famous for voicing MC Pee Pants in Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The star of an upcoming documentary called Nerdcore Rising, he admits to not being able to get laid and only showering twice a week. Like “Weird Al” once did for Michael Jackson, MC Chris reminds hip-hop’s elite not to take themselves too seriously.

With Murder Majesty. October 25, 6 p.m., $10-$12. Jillian’s, 759-0450

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