Gogol’s magic bus

Julie Seabaugh

Think Gogol Bordello’s own sound is varied? Get a load of what the band cranks on its tour bus (annotated by Hütz, as found on gogolbordello.com/hutznomovetz/musiccollection.html).

• The Stooges, Fun House. “... the usual, you know ... the best rock record ever f--king made!”

• Taraf de Haidouks, Band of Gypsies. “Romanian gypsy music for a wild f--king party, psycho speed and fire that any real rocker will dig ... forever amazing.”

• G.O., Necrophilia. “Classic album of a legendary Siberian punk band. ‘Early in the morning I’ll get in line to Lenin’s Mausoleum ... Necrophilia! My poor exhausted Necrophilia!’ Not many bands in Russia bollsed out like this before the new times got so solidly established ... great over-distorted shit-punk sound with teeth-drilling guitar Metal Urbaine style ...”

• The Fags, Flying F--k; No Fleas; Lunch Money; and Gold Teeth. “Eugene Hütz’s first band in the U.S. ... Ethno-punk-hard-core ... ridiculous, what the f--k kind of shit...”

• Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Firstborn Is Dead; Your Funeral, My Trial; Tender Prey; Henry’s Dream. “4 great records that will start you off with this merry bunch of greatest characters ... unless already even your mom knows it by the heart ...”

• Kanizsa Csillagai, The Boyash Gypsies of Hungary. “Excellent acoustic Transylvanian classic ...”

• Sex Pistols, Never Mind the Bullocks Here’s The Sex Pistols. “Spit in the aye of anyone who forgot this record ...”

• Zbob si Zdub, Tabara Noatra, “Do not confuse with later mainstream album Agroromantica. Moldavian hardcore. Very good.”

• El Lebriano with Andalusian Arabic orchestra. “Opium-induced flamenco with massive rhythm, great for any harem-reopening celebration ...”

• NOFX, War on Errorism. “Still haven’t listened to it ...”

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