A quick Tour de Commercial Center

After two years of living here and many trips driving past the old Commercial Center on East Sahara, I finally hit the asphalt in this vintage plot.

It has a bit of a look of desolation, this is true.

It's huge, treeless interior parking lot does little to dispel the aura of faded glory.

But Commercial Center does have a pulse.

There are numerous Korean restaurants, a Mexican place with weekend mariachi music (I'm headed back for that), and a well regarded Thai restaurant.

There are also wig businesses, a pool hall, a classic jewelry boutique, a dry cleaning place, a liquor store with vintage signage, and various and sundry other services and emporiums.

It's also a center of alternative lifestyle living and buying.

And to the gentleman who pointed at me and warned me with an enigmatic “Don't be talking to Norma, dawg,” please don't worry.

Dude, I don't know anyone named Norma.

Commercial Center

953 East Sahara Avenue

Pamplemousse for lunch? Oui!

The classic Vegas dining spot Pamplemousse is now open for lunch.

The food there is fantastic and the décor is both charming and glam.

By all means, do eat at Pamplemousse.


400 East Sahara Avenue

Going out for groceries

If you are in Red Rock Canyon and need a sport drink or a hot pocket to fill your hiking or biking depleted body, stop at the Village Market in Blue Diamond.

This little place has been around for some fifty years. It's housed in a building that used to be a sheriff's station.

It's not fancy or anything, but it's in gorgeous surroundings.

Cupcakes are everywhere!

If you work in an office, attend gallery receptions or other events, then chances are high that you have seen (and potentially eaten) cupcakes from The Cupcakery.

This Henderson boutique bakery has hit it big – it's tiny but highly decorated cakes are amazingly popular.

They have even made it out Death Valley ways ...

This past Saturday I attended Albert's Tarantella, the quirky and cool new art fest at the striking Gold Well Open Air Museum.

At the reception – yep – boxes of Cupcakery goodness were in attendance, too.

(Please check out my story on Albert's Tarentella in the print version of The Weekly.)

Tasty NPR indie rocking of the week

The hipsters control the intersitial music segues of the radio world, especially in public radio.

I particularly enjoyed a Wednesday, October 24 moment in Market Place, where the Halo Benders' “Virginia Reel” supplied a droning yet melodic tapestry.

I love that echo/reverb, always.

(This week's blog was traced with the help of Frank Black and the Catholic's “Dog in the Sand.”)

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