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1. Guv responds to foreclosure crisis with ... website. Promises crisis fax machine soon.

2. Bobcat shot in Summerlin. That’s what happens when you cross a homeowners association.

3. Fred Thompson, Bill Clinton to visit LV. “Dear Fred: Please wear this bobcat costume with my compliments. Yours, Mitt.”

4. Dunkin’ Donuts LV opening sets weekend sales record. In related news,   editor takes Monday, Tuesday off.

5. Guv shuns invitation to discuss Yucca in D.C. Now that Dunkin’ Donuts are available here.

6. O.J. still on trial. Whew. Journalism will live a little longer.

7. Metro purchases taser cameras. Street cops unimpressed: “My home taser plays MP3s.”

8. notes decline of Las Vegas gambling. “Dear Slate: Let’s meet in Summerlin. Wear a bobcat suit. Yours, Gambling.”

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