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Xenergy Energy Drinks

Xania Woodman

I was pressed for time. I needed to road test Sin City’s own Xyience Xenergy (pronounced “zen-ergy”) zero-calorie energy drinks, and I was still coming down off the Blow Energy Powder of two weeks ago. So what’s a girl to do? Oh yeah! I’ll give it to the IT department! Those wacky gizmologists will drink anything with the word “energy” in the name. In a flash and a gulp, a mixed case of the Xenergy Big Apple, Cran-Razz and the intriguingly named “Clear” flavors had disappeared into the computer-cluttered office. When the results came back—via interoffice e-mail, of course—here’s what the Weekly’s computer gurus had to say: “Hey. I wanted to give you very positive feedback about those Xyience drinks. The Clear flavor was the best. It tastes like a flat Sprite almost. Next best is the Cran-Razz. That’s pretty good, too. The Big Apple didn’t go over too well, but it still was drunk.” Well, there you have it.

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