Getting to know: Bad Weather California

Spencer Patterson

Who: A four-piece from Denver, led by singer/songwriter Chris Adolf.

Formerly: The Love Letter Band. In October 2006, Adolf told Thrasher magazine: “The people who put out my records advised me against [changing the name]. They felt that since I had been touring for so long under the Love Letter Band name that I would lose people … I think that they think that I’m more popular than I actually am. My guess is that … it would only confuse the 40 or so people who knew who I was … but they would catch on.”

Praise: Westword, which once called Adolf “Denver’s Dylan,” assessed that “his songs also happen to be pretty goddamn fantastic, but even if they weren’t, his ideals make him somebody worth supporting.”

Cool lyric: “I was born a stranger in a strange, strange land/Like those Iron Maiden posters on my cousin’s bedroom walls/Scared shitless to raise my eyes up to them/And though I was just a young boy, not a baby, not quite a man/Those heavy metal sentiments, they hit me deep, they hit me hard.” (“Iron Maiden Posters”)

With A Crowd of Small Adventures, Las Vegas Club*. February 27, 10 p.m., $5. Bunkhouse, 384-4536.

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