Revving up for Black Camaro Weekend

Julie Seabaugh

"It’s partly the fact that you don’t see anything like this happen here, and it’s partly the fact that we got asked to play a weekend,” explains Black Camaro vocalist/guitarist Brian Garth. “We were like, ‘Well, how are we going to make the first night different from the second night?’”

To that end, the pretense-free psych-rockers are gunning their creative motors before heading to Eugene, Oregon, next month to record an EP.

Among the agenda for BC Weekend:

“The first night is a regular show; we’re just going to rock 15 songs or something.”

“Saturday night Giorgio Castaldo is going to open the show, then it’s going to bust into a variety show hosted by this guy Jewish Dave. It’s going to be about 10 different acts, all of them involving some form of Black Camaro tune.”

“Me and [keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist] Tom [Miller] are going to start the show off acoustic, with maybe a guy playing the bells.”

“One of the acts is going to be two or three different segments of Black Camaraoke, where we’re going to pick people out of the crowd to come up and sing as we’re projecting the lyrics on a screen.”

“We have a guy doing spoken-word to one of our songs, which is going to be hilarious.”

“I’d say about the eighth act is going to be the premiere of Miniature Panthers: The Motion Picture. It’s different music videos that make one long movie: plot, seedy-ass characters. The middle video is all animated. The movie’s going to end up being on a DVD that’s a much bigger project.”

“We’re going to be doing raffles, raffling off the Miniature Panthers movie and a custom Black Camaro iPod loaded with all of our tunes.”

“We’re going to be recording both evenings, multitracking and all that, and the live audio from the first night is going to end up in the ‘jukebox’ on our DVD that comes out May 1.”

February 22 and 23, 10 p.m., $5. The Bunkhouse, 384-4536.

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