Six things that caught our eye at Playboy’s Midsummer Night’s Dream party

Brand new old school: Ancient statues meet modern goddesses.
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Midsummer Night's Dream @ Palms

Masks or costumes required ... kinda. A lack of clothing was also accepted—nay, encouraged—at Playboy’s fourth annual Midsummer Night’s Dream party August 14 at the Palms Pool & Bungalows. And that makes for some interesting people watching.

The line blurred between Greek and Roman mythology as some partiers played to the gods and goddesses theme while others ignored it altogether, treating the party more like Halloween in whatever outlandish outfit they could find. Celebrity host Jenny McCarthy wore a gold and white, goddess-like getup, though birthday boy Kevin Dillon (who was late to his own party) played the celeb exemption card and showed up in jeans and a black button down. Good thing there was plenty of other eye candy. Here are some of the things that made us go “ooh-la-la” and “What-the-huh?”

Bubble girl Perhaps taking a cue from Rabbit in the Moon’s Bunny, a gal in a unitard performed rhythmic gymnastics while floating in the pool encased in a giant hamster ball. She looked slightly less frantic than the average hamster.

Medusa head She’s got a snake and knows how to use it. We’re assuming this mythic monster was party staff, because the average attendee-plus-live-reptile combo may have had a problem with security.

Living statues with street cred A group of white-painted, toga sporting b-boys and girls created living tableaus and busted a few moves, with bandana accessories for that modern touch.

“I shave my balls for this?” shirt Yeah … no idea what this guy was thinking or what his TMI tee had to do with Midsummer.

A rabbi and Guy Fawkes V for Vendetta may have come out in 2006, but the main character sports a mask, so technically this costume was in keeping with party rules. Plus, it never hurts to have a rabbi on your side.

Lingerie and body paint Always a hit, nearly nude was the way to go, though we have to agree with @DJ88’s Twitter comment on the night: “if u aint tight in the frame don’t play the game.”

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